Hawkeye Paintball

Hawkeye Paintball

Paintball im Wald in den Niederlanden

9698XW Wedde, Niederlande

Email: info @ hawkeye-events.nl

WhatsApp: +49 1625157026 | WhatsApp: +31 657826360

Pappenburg 30 Minuten im Auto; Leer: 40 Minuten;

Emden; Meppen: 50 Minuten;

Hawkeye Paintball

Paintball in het bos in Nederland

9698XW Wedde, Nederland

info @ hawkeye-events.nl

WhatsApp: +49 1625157026 | WhatsApp: +31 657826360


WE ARE OPEN! - Wir sind offen! - Wij zijn open!

We are Open!

Hawkeye Paintball is an outdoor, woodland paintball venue in Wedde, Groningen, The Netherlands. To book, simply call, email or even whatsapp!

Wir sind offen!

Hawkeye Paintball ist ein Paintball-Austragungsort im Freien in Wedde, Groningen, Niederlande. - Zum Buchen einfach anrufen, mailen oder sogar WhatsApp!

Wij zijn open!

Hawkeye Paintball is een openlucht, bosrijke paintball locatie in Wedde, Groningen, Nederland. - Om te boeken, bel, e-mail of zelfs whatsapp!


Hawkeye Paintball

Why play with Hawkeye Paintball?

  • Your group will play alone and will not share a session with another group! This means you can relax and have fun without the annoyance of playing against strangers!
  • You can be as silly or as serious as you want. It is your event and your day. Because your group plays alone, this means that your game will be personal to your group. If you want to play serious or if you want to have a laugh and just shoot your mate who's getting married, its totally up to you! We have rules for safety but we also have a sense of humor!
  • Your game Marshall has more than 15 years experience in the paintball industry. This means:
    • We run a relaxed, safe and friendly venue;
    • Your group will be looked after personally;
    • You wont be chaperoned by a teenager who doesn't care;
    • We understand how to play safe without taking any of the fun out of it!
  • Our Marshalls will take photos of your group during your event! - Whilst you play! (unless he is shot too often in which you will be lucky to get a selfie of him!)
  • If you actually read this, tell us when you book (not on the day) and you will get a surprise gift!! [Something cool, I promise!]



"I hate paintball!"

...said no one ever.

" I got shot in the nut, but its OK! ... I have another! "

Man with still one nut.

"Its great! I told my fiancée that they were not 'hickies from strippers' but from where I got shot!"

Stag and future divorcee


Stag do

If your friend is getting married, then there is no better activity to do than play paintball. Dress them up as a rabbit (we can provide the suit or you can wear whatever fancy dress you can think of), then chase them through the woods, reminding them that their friends like them, by shooting them as much as possible!


Wenn dein Kumpel heiraten wird, dann gibt es keine bessere Aktivität als Paintball! Verkleidet ihn wie einen Hasen (wir können euch mit dem Hasenanzug versorgen oder Sie können etwas einzigartiges mitbringen und tragen), dann jagen sich ihn durch den Wald, damit ihr ihn daran erinnert, dass er freunde hat wahrend ihr ihn so viel wie möglich abschießt.


Hawkeye Paintball

Hawkeye Paintball playing fields