Outdoor woodland paintball, Wedde, Netherlands

Our new website for 2020 will be on the way shortly, we are currently redesigning. 
WE ARE OPEN! Contact us to book or for more information.            WIR SIND OFFEN! Kontaktieren Sie uns, um zu buchen oder weitere Informationen zu erhalten. 

  Tel: +31 638 937 082 

  Email:  info @ hawkeye-events.nl

Corona CoVid19 info

We are open!

All possible precautions will be taken to prevent the spread of this shit virus.

Naturally all our equipment is thoroughly cleaned after each use. Each mask is sterilised after use and it is put through the dish washer and then sprayed with an extra disinfectant. We have hygenic cleaning sprays and wipes on hand.

Personal contact is kept as a minimum throughout the day. This is done by giving your opposing team a paintball marker and the ability to shoot you if you get too close.

No groups will be mixed with other bookings. You will have sole use of the playing fields. So the people you play against are only the people that you know.

Hawkeye Paintball

Hawkeye Paintball. Outdoor, woodland paintball in Wedde, Netherlands.


contact us for bookings

Tel: +31 638 937 082

Email: info @ hawkeye-events.nl